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eHymnBook # 25270
First Line:
Go the Mass is ended children of the
Meter: 6 5 6 8 6 5 8 6
Bible Refs:
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  • Celebration Hymnal for Everyone
  • 1994# 203

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    Go, the Mass is ended,
    children of the Lord.
    Take Godís Word to others
    as Youíve heard it spoken to you.
    Go, the Mass is ended,
    go and tell the world
    the Lord is good, the Lord is kind,
    and loves us evíry one.

    Go, the Mass is ended,
    take Godís love to all.
    Gladden all who meet you,
    fill their hearts with hope and courage.
    Go, the Mass is ended,
    fill the world with love,
    and give to all what youíve received
    óthe peace and joy of Christ.

    Go, the mass is ended,
    strengthened in the Lord,
    lighten evíry burden,
    spread the joy of Christ around you.
    Go, the Mass is ended,
    take Godís peace to all.
    This day is yours to change the world
    óto make God known and loved.

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